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1.     Why is there a need to test my item during pawning?

We need to test the item you submit for pawning so that we can give the proper appraisal value for your item.

2.     Can I still renew or redeem my item even if I lost my pawnticket?

Yes. Immediately inform your branch of the loss so that we can prevent redemption by unscrupulous individuals. During renewal or redemption, you need to present a notarized affidavit of loss and valid IDs.

3.     Will my jewelry item be damaged during appraisal?

No. Our branch personnel are expertly trained to carefully appraise jewelry items. In some cases and with your permission, however, special tools may be needed to better appraise the items. The effects of these tools on your item will be barely noticeable.

4.     Aside from jewelry items and appliances, what other items do you accept for pawning?

We also accept electronic gadgets such as mobile phone, digicam, videocam, magic sing, and the like. Inquire ­from the pawnshop nearest you for the other items accepted for pawning.

5.     Is my pawned item safe while in your custody?

Yes, your item is safe because it will be placed in a sealed plastic pouch with your signature. This ensures that your item will never be tampered. Aside from this, we have enforced in every branch tight security measures to ensure the safety of the item you've entrusted with us.

6.     Can I see my item even if I will not redeem it?

As part of our security measures, we do not allow items to be brought out from the vault except when the item is redeemed. This is to ensure the safety and security of your items.

7.     Can I redeem my item anytime during business hours?

You can redeem your item anytime except on Sundays and after 5pm from Monday to Saturday.

8.     How can I avoid foreclosure of my item?

To avoid foreclosure, you need to renew or redeem your item on or before the expiry date, that is, 120 days from the loan date.

9.     Will you be sending a notice/reminder prior to the expiration of my loan?

Yes, we will send a notice via postal mail. Therefore, it is important that you provide us with your complete and updated address.

10.  What happens to my foreclosed item?

Foreclosed items are offered for public auction. The auction schedules are published in various tabloid newspapers.

11.  Can anyone redeem the item on behalf of the pawner?

We encourage our pawners to personally redeem their items. In the event that they are unable to do so, they may authorize another person to redeem the item on their behalf. Both the pawner and authorized representative must sign at the back portion of the pawnticket. Upon redemption, the representative must present the duly signed pawnticket along with the valid IDs of the pawner and the authorized representative. This is to ensure the safety and integrity of the item redemption and protection of our pawner.




Have your item appaised over the phone in 3 easy steps:

1. Dial 899-6208 or 728-3826.

2. Give the description of your item.

3. Get the estimate appraisal value of your item.



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